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I am here to express my gratitude through teaching.

I help my students to apply meditation tools to their daily life. My approach is to explore a current life event or situation that is blocking their growth, and to help them to utilize meditation techniques to overcome this struggle. My hope is that through the practice you will be led to a sense of equilibrium between the body, mind and spirit.

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Today I know that my journey had a greater purpose. I feel blessed to be where I am personally, but I also feel an internal urgency to share my discovery with others.
— Amitai Cohen

 Flow Hatha Yoga Retreat

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April 17th - 21st 2020 | Formentera, Spain

Recommended by Daily Telegraph

Escape with me to idyllic Formentera. This 4 days retreat will help you to slow down your inner-rhythm, improve your ability to self-center, and give you a chance to be fully present. You will learn strategies to improve your asana practice, breathing patterns (pranayama) and achieve a sense of deep relaxation and increased concentration as we escape and restore within the beautiful settings of Spain.

All levels are welcome.


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Amitai Cohen can be described in one word: transformative. He has been instrumental in helping me shape not only the asanas themselves, but also lead me into a spiritual journey that carries me through every single day. Amitai is a gentle soul that both challenges and softens the practice and he creates an atmosphere in and out of the classroom that is incomparable.
— Erin Fogel, Owner of House of Jai Yoga, New York City


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One evening in 2005, I came across the Dharma Yoga Center. There was a small and powerful group of practitioners, being led by a 65 year old master, who’s physical practice was comparable to the young students around him. When I arrived this group was in the middle of a class and their determination and execution of the practice inspired me. The class had such a strong spiritual vibration and I knew that I had to be a part of it.

From then on I spent every day of the next 7 years practicing in the presence of Sri Dharma Mittra and the fantastic Sangha that held that space so well. It was a magical time!  

During this time I was granted the honor to teach regular classes at the Dharma Yoga Center and assist Sri Dharma to lead teacher trainings in New York City and abroad.

Practicing with Amitai as a guide is deeply healing. in his company, you feel relaxed, light and honest. After practicing with him, the mind is quiet,calm and open.
— Hannah Allerdice Bricker, Senior Dharma Yoga Teacher, Washington DC

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